Poly Hives

Poly Hives have been very popular in Europe for many years. Our polystyrene beehives offer excellent thermal qualities to keep hive temperatures more constant. Available as just a Poly Bee Hive or a National Poly Hive Starter Kit. One of the strongest beehives on the market. Made from single moulded high-density polystyrene with 4 durable feet moulded onto the bottom board and a metal Varroa board securely attached. The brood body and super each hold 11 Hoffman frames and require no assembly. Includes: Roof, Cover Board, Super with 11 Hoffman SN4 Frames and Wired Foundation, Plastic Queen Excluder, Brood Chamber with 11 Hoffman DN4 frames and Wired Foundation, Mesh Floor, Ratchet Hive Strap, Paint - Choose your colour. Varroa Floor with Stand and Legs, Mouse Guard.