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We are so confident that we have the best value in the market that we have put together an easy to use table to show you the comparison price of our '1 Super' complete kit, cross our most popular ranges. A quick, easy reference to compare hive prices!

  National Commercial WBC
  national hive national bee supplies commercial hive national bee supplies wbc hive national bee supplies
Fully Assembled Package £348 £373 £443
Housing Single Walled Single Walled Double Walled
Worker cells 50,000 75,000 45,000
Feature Perfect starter hive Large brood chamber Traditional, light, deep brood box
Interchangeable hive parts      
Interchangeable frames      
Flat pack      
Starter Kit      
Flat roof      
Cover Board with 2 removable PB Escapes      
Gabled roof Upgrade option Upgrade Option  
Super with wired foundation 10 SN1 frames & Castellated Spacers 12 Hoffman frames 10 SN1 frames & Castellated Spacers
Wire Queen Excluder with wood surround      
Brood Chamber with wired foundation 12 DN4 frames 12 Hoffman Frames 11 DN4 frames
Lift with Entrance Porch & Slide      
Varroa Floor     Pre-assembled single unit
Stand & Legs     Pre-assembled single unit
Total cost of parts
Assembled £387.20 £414.75 £492.65
Flat pack £298.20 £317.20 £386.20
Package price
Assembled £348 £373 £443
Flat pack £268 £277 £347
Starter Kit £499   £599
Save up to £39.20 £41.35 £49.65

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