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Commercial Hive Kit Flat Roof 1x Supers

Commercial Hive Kit Flat Roof 1x Supers


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Please note:When we use the term assembled we are meaning the product has been put together with glue and either nails or screws then set aside for 24 hours before final sanding. Because we had some legs damaged during transportation we partly disassemble the legs in an attempt to avoid this damage. A Philips screwdriver will be needed to re-attach the legs to the hive stand, with the 8 screws provided.

Package includes:

  • Stand and Legs
  • Varroa Floor
  • Brood Chamber with x12 Hoffman frames and Wired Foundation
  • Wire Queen Excluder
  • 1 Super with x12 Hoffman Frames and Wired Foundation
  • Cover Board with 2 Porter Bee Escapes
  • Flat 6" Roof