National Beginners Kit

National Hive Starter Kit


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To get you started with beekeeping we can provide you with Beginners’ Kits. These kits include all the items needed to hive and manage your first colony of bees at an all in price. We normally supply Hoffman self-spacing frames for the brood chamber and shallow frames for the super. Alternative frames can be supplied at no additional cost.

The National Hive

National Hive (with gabled roof and stand) made in Western Red Cedar and assembled ready for use; comprising: floorboard and entrance block, brood chamber complete with frames and foundation, wire queen excluder, super complete with frames and foundation, cover board with two Porter bee escapes and 6" roof.

The Beginners’ Kit includes the following items:

  1. A £50 National Bee Supplies gift voucher
  2. An all-in-one beekeeper suit with veil and leather gloves (Please pick sizes)
  3. Book ‘Complete Guide to Beekeeping’ by Evans or ‘Guide to Bees & Honey’ by Hooper
  4. Stainless steel smoker with guard and fuel cartridges
  5. Lightweight J-type hive tool or steel scraper
  6. A bee-friendly seed collection
  7. Contact Feeder, 2.5 litre capacity
  8. Two month subscription to Beecraft or the Scottish Beekeeper magazines.
  9. Free delivery worth £4.99