Sedum Atlantis - Chelsea Winner


Sedum Atlantis is a plant for our times…drought tolerant, suitable for small spaces and attractive to bees. Its striking foliage forms rosettes of serrated green leaves with thick, creamy margins and tips that turn a pink blush in the autumn. The pink tinged flower buds open to bee magnet yellow flowers.

The new leaves emerge in a beautifully creamy white, before developing into an attractive green with striking white borders and gradually forming a half metre wide cushion of drought resistant leaves. To top it off, this plant then covers itself with a foam of bee and butterfly magnet yellow flowers from July through to September. Sedum Atlantis is a dramatic and versatile garden plant.

The Story of the Sedum Atlantis

Dave Mackenzie is a noted perennial ground cover and living wall plant expert and has written several books on the subject. At the start of this century he was even asked by the Ford motor company for advice on how to create a ten-acre green roof for a new factory they were building.

One day when inspecting plants in his Hortech nurseries on the banks of Lake Michigan he became excited when he spotted a sport of an unusual ‘atlantic sedum’ and immediately recognised its commercial potential.

Dave is something of a perfectionist and prides himself on not releasing plants until they are ready to thrive in the hands of his customers and this striking and versatile plant is no exception. After years of testing in his nursery to prove its genetic stability and vigour he’s finally ready to release it.

Planting and Care

It’s extremely versatile and is just as happy in a hanging basket, window box or pots for indoor displays as it is outdoors in rockeries or borders. Beginners and time-poor gardeners will love its drought tolerance while bees love it for its pollen! Flowers July-September. Height 15cm (6"); spread 30cm. (12").

We’re delighted that the Sedum Atlantis has been awarded the coveted Plant of the Year title at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show! Is there any coincidence that with the last 5 years having been the hottest on record and a global conversation taking place on climate change, this year's winner is a timely example of a drought-tolerant plant.

Globally, the last 5 years have been the hottest on record, so whatever your views about the causes of climate change, the fact is that the world is warming up and public awareness is rising fast.

Sedums are more drought tolerant than many plants for 3 reasons:

  • They store water in their fleshy leaves and stems which they can call on when water is scarce
  • They have a waxy covering on the leaves which reduces water evaporation.
  • They have a unique mechanism (Crassulacean Acidic Metabolism) which enables them to open the pores on their leaves to transpire at night when it’s cooler, rather than in the heat of the day

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Sedum Atlantis - Chelsea Winner

Sedum Atlantis - Chelsea Winner

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